Semiotic analysis of Indian television advertisements and its impact on consumers: an exploratory study



Abstract: Everyday consumers are exposed to a huge and wide variety of advertisements. These advertisements fall into different categories of communication media such as television, print media e.g., magazines and newspapers, cinema or billboards, radio etc. Advertising now reaches far more people than it used to with traditional media since it has major presence in new digital media which has also transformed immensely in recent time. These advertisements deliver and also utilise a wide range of meaning, symbols and messages also called semiotics in their advertisements. Importantly, large part of any individual is surrounded by lot of signs and symbols, however, the way they comprehend these sign, symbols and meaning differ from one to other individual. Since, India is a vast country with vivid and varied culture and demographics, it becomes a challenge for advertisers to target and attract right consumers through their advertisements. In such a situation it is essential for advertisers to understand the choice consumers have for advertisements and the differential impact it has on the consumers. Our study shows the differential impact advertisements have through their themes, colours, to be more specific, impact that semiotics have on consumers and how it can be made more effective and targeted by understanding the language and impact of semiotics on consumers in India.

Keywords: semiotics, India, television, advertisement, communication, signs and symbol


Résumé: Notre étude montre l'impact different que les announces ont à travers les thèmes, les couleurs, plus exactement, l'impact que la sémiotique a sur les consommateurs et la façon dont elle peut être rendue plus efficace et ciblée par la compréhension du langage; Le cas des Indes est discuté dans le present article.

Mots-clés: sémiotique, Inde, télévision, publicité, communication, signes et symboles


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